Whether it is the holidays or summer vacation, people often worry about the time and energy it will take to reach their destination and get back home. They associate traveling with taking a break to relax and release stresses. However, at times, it can be a stressful experience rather than a relaxing experience if there is no proper planning. I have faced many such problems in the past and wanted to offer tips that will act like a guide and help others to travel without any stress. This travel guide will read more like a story and I will be using the name “Olivia” to help you grasp each situations. Enjoy.

Planning and scheduling

On countless occasions, on returning home after completing her travel, Olivia had to bear ignominy, since she did not bring any souvenirs and presents for her family members, friends, and colleagues, despite the fact that she had taken a sufficient amount of cash with her. Thanks to her improper travel planning, she found no low cost hotels in her destination city, because all of them were full of guests, many of whom had booked their accommodation several months before their travel date. It was the same case with flight tickets too. Olivia did not know the value of booking flight tickets several months before the date of departure. Had she done so, she could have easily purchased economy class tickets. However, thanks to her blunder, she had to purchase an executive class ticket, which is much more costly than the economic ones.

Detained by the Police

Olivia was happy on reaching her destination city and booking accommodation in a 5 star property, despite the fact that she had burned a massive amount of cash by opting for executive seats for her journey, and booking rooms in a posh hotel. She grouped up with other tourists she befriended during the trip, and visited popular spots along with them. Things were fine for the first two days. However, a burly female confronted her on the third day and told Olivia that she would have to go to the police station. Upon interrogation, Olivia found out that the woman was a cop. Olivia had no option left and accompanied the cop to the police station where she had to pay a fine and sign a bond. Her crime: she had passionately hugged and kissed a male member of her group, while on the street. The laws of many countries prohibit public display of affection. Had Olivia bothered to read details about the customs of her destination city, she could have completed her journey peacefully.

Bogged by Transportation Costs

Olivia made the cardinal mistake of not hiring a car in the destination city. Her hotel was located far away from most tourist attractions and it was impossible for her to walk to such locales. Therefore, she had no options left, apart from using cabs and buses for traveling from one tourist destination to the other. According to her, she wasted a large amount of money in this. The cash crunch she faced hampered her travel plans severely. In fact, she dared not visit quite a few tourist spots.

Medication Woes

Once Olivia ran out of medicine, she went to the local pharmacy to purchase them. She got the shock of her life when the man behind the counter said that those medicines were unavailable. Thankfully, she had also noted down the generic composition of all of those medicines. This helped her purchase local brands of the same medicine, albeit having different names.

Tips to follow when one Wants to Travel

I have compiled a short list, meant for persons who wish to travel.

Plan: Always plan your trip a couple of months before the travel date and book hotel accommodation and flight tickets online. This ensures that the traveler always gets the best deal as well as book lodging in a hotel located close to popular tourist spots. She also suggests that travelers should compare prices for the same hotel and flight on different online travel related websites.

Culture: She says that people should visit the local consulate of the country they plan to travel and take a brochure that contains a list of dos and dont’s of that country. This provides them with valuable information that can save them from the embarrassment of being prosecuted by the police.

Car booking: Olivia says that one should always book a car in the destination city, instead of opting for public transportation, since the former costs much less per kilometer traveled.

Medicine: The traveler should carry enough medicines that will last for the duration of the trip. If necessary, one should also carry a list of generic compositions of the medicines they need.

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