Crowds of people everywhere are recently finding out that there is so much more to Maui than its splendid water and beaches. There are some things that every potential tourist to this area should be aware of. That is, sites to see and great things to experience on their next trip there. It’s definitely one of the places you must visit.

Home to the rising sun is the peak of Haleakala. No one should ever plan a trip to Maui without experiencing the rising of the sun. In fact, it is recommended that visitors to the island aim to see this magnificent sunrise the first morning following their arrival. Imagine waking up very early to see this extraordinary view of the sun rising over clouds. This is sure to somewhat prepare them for the other spectacular experiences on the island of Maui. Viewers should be prepared to have their jaws dropping open and their faces bursting into pleased grins. To further compensate for rising early, pancakes made from banana-mac nut are accessible at the nearby Kula Lodge.

Guests staying in the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua in Maui will find themselves close to a great spot for sunbathing on the west side of this tourist area. This spot is the D.T. Fleming Beach Park. Good places for dining can also be found within walking distance of this spot.

Snorkeling is something that every visitor as well as resident must experience on this lovely island. Found on the south side of the Maui shoreline, Molokini Crater welcomes anyone who wants to have beautiful memories that will serve them for a lifetime. There is total satisfaction to gain and nothing to lose from a snorkeling experience. Get ready to come in contact with tropical fish such as parrotfish, green sea turtles and other marine animals.

Golf enthusiasts such as students as well as professionals flock the golf community in Maui. Many visitors to the area either go back or make plans to go back to be a part of the immaculate greens, warm sunshine, breathtaking panoramic view, privacy and a wonderful atmosphere. For the greatest golf experience, consider attending the Kapalua Resort where the PGA’s Annual Hyundai Tournament of Champions event is held in the early part of January. Bear in mind though that golfing takes place all throughout the year in Maui.

What is a trip to Maui worth without seeing the whales in action? Make plans to see these protected and endangered species playing, frolicking and slapping their tails for all to see. Total satisfaction and joy is expected from this breathtaking occasion. Starting November and ending May, the whale season is something to look forward to on the island of Maui. The peak season for watching these spectacular whales is mid-December to the end of the month of March. For optimum viewing benefits, it is best to view them from a vessel on the ocean.

There is hardly anywhere else to go where simply traveling from one destination to the next is a spectacular and unforgettable trip. Be sure to include in your plans a day-long trip to East Maui from the North Shore by way of the famous Road to Hana. This must-do activity will give bonuses of waterfalls along the way as well as dazzling scenery. In addition, the visitor will get to see brief sites of Hawaii of the olden days, local culture and the amazing natural wonders of Hawaii.

Now imagine a full day of beautiful sunrise, a road trip down the Road to Hana then a special Sunset Dinner and Cocktail Cruise with family and friends. Explore the island of Maui in style and comfort while viewing the Pacific Ocean, mountains and other great panoramic and breathtaking sites. This is also the place to be for whale watching in the early part of the evening and the sunset fading into the waters.

There is so much to see, touch and experience in Maui. The average visitor will find fine places to dine, beautiful historic towns, tropical plantation, beaches, art galleries, and boutiques. Private and relaxing areas are accessible at Ritz Carlton Spa located in Kapalua. The guests are encouraged to experience complete healing services for the soul, mind and body. Never end the trip to Maui without visiting the gifts shops and take home a bit of the island for family and friends to experience too.