Stress and anxiety may seem like constant companions to modern life, but disconnecting from the stressors in our lives is essential to succeed in today’s world. And while some may disagree, you don’t have to turn to Zen Buddhism to clear your mind from stress. In moderate amounts stress can actually help us meet deadlines, succeed at work, and push to do more. However, it is always helpful to step back from the world for a moment and clear your mind from the fray. Here are some helpful tips for relaxing your mind and fighting stress. For more amazing tips and tricks on how to self-motivate, make sure to follow my personal Twitter account.

Talk To A Friend

When we’re feeling stressed and anxious, one of our natural reactions is to become insular with our emotions. We think that our stress is our burden, and that we can only overcome our obstacles individually. The truth could not be further from the case. The next time you’re feeling stressed talk to a friend. Discuss your problems, goals, and get the anxiety off your chest. You might come across a solution during the conversation, and you might not. Regardless, knowing your have a friend on your side will boost your confidence and renew your resolve.

Unplug From Technology

Sometimes clearing your mind means truly stepping away form the world. Take some to go on a hike without your phone, take a walk around the block, experience nature, or just read a book. Getting back in touch with the non-technological parts of life can put a whole new perspective on your stress. Instead of focusing on email and work try making one day a week email and meeting free. You may be surprised at what the world has in store for you when you put down the smartphone.

Head To The Gym

Exercising is a great way to physically relieve stress. Faced with the stress of a hard challenge, many of us get caught up in pent-up emotion. Once you get over the hurdle of actually making it to the gym, you will realize how great it feels to sweat out the stress. Hit the gym hard and your brain will thank you. Intense exercise releases dopamine in the brain and that hits your reward centers, it will literally make you feel better. During a workout session try focusing on form and technique instead of the stresses in your life.


Calming and Relaxing Sounds from Irina Dorko from Irina Dorko on Vimeo.

This classic response to clearing your mind is harder than you think. In America today more and more people are recognizing the benefits of mindfulness. Taking the time to remove your mind from the world and focus on breathing can be a transformative process. Often we get so caught up in stress and anxiety we forget to step back and breath.